Monday, November 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 5

Monday -- Chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans
Tuesday -- Sandwiches (probably chicken salad or egg salad)
Wednesday -- Homemade pizza (pepperoni) and fruit
Thursday -- Shepherd's Pie
Friday -- Breakfast for dinner (either Biscuits and Gravy, Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits, or Whole Wheat Pancakes depending on if the girls are home or not ... Never really sure.)
Saturday -- Mushroom Barley Casserole, STBD (Sides to be determined ... )
Sunday -- Homemade Tomato Soup

We've hit that time of the year when food storage comes in pretty handy. Luckily, we can still have a lot of variety. Vive la pantry!

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BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I was introduced to Shepard's Pie while living in Portland, Maine. The common ingredients were American cheese slices, ground beef, corn kernels, salt and pepper and of course mashed potatoes.
When I make it I add sauteed mushrooms and substitute Sharp Aged Cheddar Slices. I also like to add sour cream to the mashed potatoes!
I'm thinking I'll probably add Shepard's Pie to next week's menu plan. It's been a long time since I last made it for the hubby!

Jaymie said...

That sounds delicious! We tend to tweak it a bit too. I use my recipe for homemade "Cream of" soup mix ( We usually add sauteed mushrooms, onions,and garlic as well. We tend to use a jack/cheddar combo as that is what I normally have on hand, although there are lots of times that we just leave the cheese out.

Thanks so much for sharing how you make it!


wacki04@TheKing'sCourt IV said...

Your menu looks good! I love a good shephard's pie... I make them bite-size though using biscuits... yummy!

Jaymie said...

Thanks so much! I've never thought about making mini shepherd's pies before. That could be a fun experiment! My kids love anything muffin size.