Friday, December 2, 2011

A New Month of Excitement ...

December in our neck of the woods came in with a vengeance. As if to announce its presence, the new month rode in on the back of some ferocious canyon winds. The damage to several cities is immense. Our city is apparently one that was hardest hit. As I looked at the major amounts of damage to both landscape and property on all the neighboring property, I have been reminded over and over how very blessed I am.

Our trees lost a few branches, and I have now have a puncture wound in my bathroom window screen from tree shrapnel. That's it. No siding lost, no power lines actually down, my roof is still there and solidly attached, and even my plastic snow shovels and the small Christmas tree on my front porch stayed put. They didn't even move.

Although the power went out for good just before six a.m. yesterday morning and stayed out until just about an hour or so ago (over thirty hours) we had plenty of warm clothing, extra blankets, and even food to eat. I had candles, my mp3 player was charged, so I could listen to the news, and I was able to charge my phone at work so that we weren't completely cut off.

We had lots of wonderful family and friends who offered us a warm place to stay, however, it was the girls' night to go with their dad (who had power and heat) and I just snuggled under the blankets here at home and spent some time reading -- just for fun. I know, unusual. Being an English major means that it's something of a rare thing for me to choose what I read.

The girls came back this morning. After a couple of errands in the warm car, we bundled them into a whole pile of blankets each, had Family Home Evening (er, ... morning) where we sang, read, and put up the nativity set. I also taught them to play Phase Ten. It was a blast.

We were all thrilled to get the power back, but I think that there were some great memories made during the blackout.

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