Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Woes of a Redless Valentine's Day ...

Sitting in the hall helping with math facts for M's class. She marches up to me with a look of desperation on her face. 
"Mom, do you have ANYTHING red in your purse that I can wear?"  
(After a quick search ... ) "Nope." 
M says, "Not even red lipstick?!?" 
(Thinking to myself -- since when have you EVER seen me wear RED lipstick?) "Sorry ... " 
"Ugh!!!! (insert dramatic arm-flailing & eye rolling here) I looked in my backpack, and all I have is a nasty pair of dirty red valentine socks." (stalking dramatically back into class.)
I sit pondering why on earth she has nasty, dirty socks still in her backpack ...
(Bouncing out of class with a look that is one part disgust, one part twinkle-eyed mischief, and two parts smirk) M flings her arms, drops her shoulders, and says, while shaking her head, "*Sigh* What kind of mom doesn't even have RED lipstick in her purse?"
(Umm ... that would be me.) "Apparently, this kind of mom ... "


Linnea said...

And this mom!

How are you?!!

Linnea said...

We miss you!