Monday, March 5, 2012

Car Drama, Part II ...

                                                                                                                                  February 28th, 2012
Willey Ford Service Department
1800 South Main
Bountiful, Ut. 84010

Dear Willey Ford Service Department,

                This letter is in follow-up to my original letter dated February 24th, 2012. Per my conversation with Brad Nielson on Friday, February 24th, 2012 I drove my vehicle to the Willey Ford Service Department yesterday morning. As a result of that conversation, Willey Ford loaned me a vehicle to drive while the service technicians looked at my car to determine what is causing it to malfunction.
                At 3:00 p.m., I received a call from Mike Anderson. He informed me that sometimes, the valves in the engine slip, and that one of the valves in my engine had actually dropped out. He stated that this is what has been causing the misfire in cylinder two. He also stated that this code is coming up because there is zero compression in that cylinder because of the dropped valve. He verified that the engine has a lot of noise coming from it as a result of this problem.
                Mike informed me that since the valve dropped, the entire engine likely needs to be replaced. He stated that the bid for this service is $3500-$3700. He also mentioned that they may be able to tear it down and rebuild the engine, but that it would cost $560 just to take the cylinder head off to see what is actually damaged. He mentioned that since the cost to replace the engine would be higher than the value of the car, I might want to consider just buying a new vehicle.
Mike also stated that when a valve drops, it does so instantaneously and that it would not have been the cause of the problem on the last visit. This was stated after he had previously told me that the valves on these vehicles have been known to slip. He also asked if the car had been making this noise when I brought it to them before. I explained that – while not as loud as it currently is – the noise had been present both before and after my previous service visit. I also explained that one of the reasons that I had asked them to check my car was that my vehicle was making the same jerky, chugging, shuddering that it is now. When I asked what Willey Ford was willing to contribute to these costs, Mike referred me to Brad Nielson again.
                A short time later, I called your dealership. When I spoke with Brad Nielson, he informed me that the only real option is to replace the engine. He did say that perhaps it would be possible to locate a used engine to decrease costs a little bit, and that the dealership would be happy to apply toward those costs the $286.96 that I had paid on my previous visit to your service department. Upon consideration, and as this is a very small fraction of the amount I have been quoted to fix the damage caused by a less than thorough inspection during my service visit on February 10th, 2012, I have opted to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau consisting of both my original letter and this follow-up.
                I am disappointed in the lack of ownership shown toward this error. When I brought my car in before for similar, albeit not as drastic, symptoms, a more thorough effort should have been made to correctly diagnose the problem. Had this extra effort been made, the current damage may well have been avoided. Now, the exacerbated problems have rendered my car unusable. My employment has been placed in jeopardy, and I am facing the possibility of being unable to meet my financial obligations. This damage has been caused through no fault of my own, and I feel that it should be repaired at no cost to myself.  If Willey Ford is unable to repair the damages caused by their negligence, they should have the integrity to replace my vehicle with one, comparable in reliability to what my vehicle was prior to the onset of these problems. Again, in the future, I will look elsewhere for my service needs and I will refer friends and family to other dealerships where I have previously received excellent customer service. Thank you again for your time.

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