Monday, March 5, 2012

Car Drama ...

                                                                                                                                                                February 24th, 2012
Willey Ford Service Department
1800 South Main
Bountiful, Ut. 84010

Dear Willey Ford Service Department,

                I am writing to you concerning my service visit on February 10th. In the past, I have had great experiences with the Willey car companies. I have often recommended them as a great place both to purchase vehicles and to have service done on those vehicles. Because of the quality of service I have received through Willey Honda, I felt that Willey Ford would be a reliable company to do business with. On the 10th of February, I came in to have my car serviced. The check engine light was on, and my car had been running rough. The technicians who worked on my car diagnosed it with a misfire on cylinder #2. They changed the spark plugs and wires, stating that this was causing the problem. I was charged $286.96 for these services. Although I was in your building for three hours – and the wait time seemed a bit excessive – I was satisfied that the problem had been resolved.
                I was dismayed and a bit surprised to see that my vehicle was still running rough and was still making unusual noises, but the check engine light was off and the service advisor that I spoke with said that the problem had been fixed. On Tuesday, February 21st, my check engine light came on again. My car refused to start and was making a terrible tapping sound. When my father and brother opened the engine, they found that the timing belt had slipped and was beginning to crack. The tensioner and water pump also needed replacing. On top of these concerns, the code that was coming up was a misfire on cylinder #2, the same problem that, less than two weeks before, I had been told was resolved.
                I am frustrated that these issues – the timing belt, the tensioner, etc.—were not noticed during my service visit on the 10th. I am more frustrated that they have been contributing to a concern that was supposed to have been resolved by your technicians. In addition, the original problem for which I brought my car into your shop persists. Now, because these issues went unnoticed, my vehicle is barely functioning. I am a single mother. I work part-time, and I am a full-time student. I depend on having a reliable vehicle to help me take care of my family and meet my obligations.  The negligence that occurred during my service visit has not only damaged my vehicle, but has threatened the financial well-being of my family. The amount of money that I paid for your services equates to nearly half a month’s rent. In addition, my ability to get to my place of employment has been severely compromised. Not only has this hindered my ability to provide for my family, it has threatened my ability to improve our situation in the future. If I cannot attend my classes, I will not be able to graduate from school this spring.
                I hope that Willey Ford will make this error right – either by fixing my car to a high standard at no cost to myself or by replacing it with a reliable vehicle. As things stand, in the future, I will no longer recommend the Willey car companies to my friends and family. I am an avid social networker – I actively participate in both blogging and facebook – and regularly use these avenues to share my experiences with others. Willey Ford will not be a company that I recommend; rather, I will send friends and family to other dealerships where I have had positive experiences. I am enclosing a copy of this letter to you. I will also forward a copy to the Better Business Bureau. Thank you for your time.

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