Friday, March 9, 2012

Softly Weeping ...

Softly weeping, I mourn ...
I mourn for the pain, and the loss of my family and friends who are left behind. 
It is these who will bear the flag -- they who will carry the standard through the next generation. 
It is their burden, and their sorrow that I mourn for.

Softly smiling, I remember ...
I remember the joy, the brightness of the lives they've shared with me.
My heart lifts as I think of the beauty of our time together.
It is the beacon of joy that reaches through the gloom, past the veil, and into my being. 
They are the light in my life.

Softly treading, I step ...
Forward, into this beautiful new life that awaits me. 
Tentative steps on the same path of progression -- echoes of eternity, here and in mortality.
Echoes of the steps my loved ones still take.
Though separated by distance and time, through our steps we are still inextricably linked.

Softly weeping, I glory ...
I glory in the overwhelming beauty of God's plan for me,
In the knowledge that, just as I once blazed a trail through mortality for my loved ones to follow,
I am walking a path to God's glory, an example to my posterity.
I weep with joy; I glory in His goodness, and I look forward with hope and longing ...
They are still mine, and they will come ...

Written by Jaymie Reynolds

I'm so thankful for the beauty of those who touch our lives. What a blessing to feel their impact in our homes. The gift of Christ-like example that they have given will echo through the eternities.

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