Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yeah, some days are just like that ...

* On the plus side, when my daughter broke her glasses (again ... ) today, it was a fairly clean break, and we might be able to super glue them back together until I can get her some new ones.

* On the plus side, it only took a little bit longer than I planned and I was only slightly less prepared than I expected for my midterm.

* On the plus side, the cop who pulled me over on the way home tonight was REALLY cute, and REALLY nice, and he only cited me for 5 over. Let's just leave it at that ...

* On the plus side, Mr. Super Cute and Nice gave me tips on where to go slow so I don't get caught speeding, and he told me what speed he wouldn't let me get away with.

* On the plus side, the 5 over is apparently a minimal fine and is low enough that the ticket won't affect my insurance premiums for my really expensive paper weight, ... er, I mean the garbage trap ... oops! I mean my car.

* On the plus side, I enjoyed hugging my daughter goodnight when I got home until I impaled myself on the post of my own earring -- while it was still in my ear.

* On the plus side, the earring post pulled out of my neck fairly easily.

* On the plus side, there was only a little blood.

* On the plus side, my neck has a big numb patch now, so I don't feel a thing.


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