Sunday, April 29, 2012

Might as well ... *Insert shrug here*

Lately, my hair has been just A*W*F*U*L. It looks like straw on the bottom and it gets greasy and yucky on the top. Not only that, but my stick-straight hair has all of a sudden decided that it missed its calling and randomly bursts into beachy waves. But only when it wants to, and then, I can't do anything with it after. Add to that the fact that this wonky, back-and-forth weather has made my poor, dry scalp more poor and dry than usual, and you have one very unhappy head of hair. (I haven't been too thrilled with it's split personality either.)

For some time, I've wanted to try the "No Shampoo" thing -- just to see what the results would be. **DISCLAIMER -- I'm not one of those people who believes that life begins and ends on the natural train. I think we all have things that work well for our own lifestyles. At the same time, for me personally, I feel that if I can find things that work well for me and/or my family, without all the extra chemicals, then why not? There are some things that are just fun to try. ** I finally decided that today's the day. I've decided that I'm going to keep track of some of my thoughts and results here, so that when I've given it a fair shake, I can decide if it's for me.

I found a blog: Beautiful Somehow She's already done this for 30 days. After reading through her account of every, single day, I figured that I'd try the proportions that she came up with after some experimentation. So, this is what I started with:

A scant 1 Tbsp. Baking Soda mixed well with 1 cup of water.
1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar mixed (in a different container) with 1 cup of water.

Yup, that's it ...
The first line is the "shampoo." The second is "conditioner."

I used about half the Baking Soda mixture first.

How the heck do I do this? Do I start with my hair wet or dry? After some soul-searching (okay, may--be I didn't put that much thought into it) I decided to start with dry hair this first time so I could tell if I'd managed to get my whole head. I started with a bit at a time and worked it through my hair. When I found dry areas, I'd pour a bit more on and work it in. I did this until my whole scalp and all my hair had been tended to. I made sure to work it over my scalp as well. I only used about half the mix, so I still have some for next time.


* I was surprised that it felt like I had shampoo in my hair. Even if I'd started with wet hair, it would have been easy to tell where I'd covered.

* My hair has been so awful lately that even working shampoo into it has been difficult. My fingers get all tangled up and my hair clings to them like vines. This was actually different; it didn't take long at all to work it through, and my hair wasn't fighting me every step of the way.

* The stuff washed out easily -- far more quickly than regular shampoo -- and my hair was smooth and soft after. Hmm ...

* Hair smells clean. Passes the squeak test too ... (When I was little, my mom always made me "squeak" my hair so she knew that it was clean ... )

Next came the Apple Cider Vinegar.

Ew! I can't believe I'm about to pour vinegar on my head! She says that the smell doesn't linger, but it's got to linger. Ugh! I'm going to smell like a salad. And she uses this stuff as a leave-in conditioner?!? Deep breaths ... deep breaths ... Here goes. I started with the ends -- like the other blogger suggested -- and worked it through. Because I have a dry scalp, I figured that it wouldn't hurt to work some of the vinegar mixture into my scalp as well.


* Whoa! There's the sme ... oh, wait! Now it's gone ...

* My hair is REALLY soft!

* My hair that has a never-ending skull-cap of frizziness has no frizzy layer on top today.

* It combed out BEAUTIFULLY straight.

* My hair has more volume on top and is tamer on the bottom.

* I could brush and comb through my hair with ease. My hair is super smooth. Hmm ...

* I decided to scrunch my hair just a bit before I let it dry -- just to see ... I was a bit shocked to see that not only does it have a beachy wave thing going, but near the front, it's formed itself into a few really loose ringlets. We'll see what it looks like when it's completely dry. I may yet have to straighten it before church.


For now, I'm pretty happy. Even if I get one day of decent hair out of it, it's probably been worth it. I'm not embarrassed to go out of my house, and my head doesn't smell like I doused it with Italian salad dressing. Not a bad start ...

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