Monday, June 4, 2012

Funniness to Remember ...

*You can read these or not, but they're funny moments we've had in the last few days. Since part of the reason I blog is to maintain a record of our lives, I wanted to include them here. The girls are hitting that fantastic preteen phase, and I figure that the more laughs I can go back to relive, the better.* 

Measured the girls. Apparently we measured M wrong last time, since today she measured at the mark lower than the most recent one. (About a centimeter different ... ) L was giggling maniacally, saying over and over, "You shrunk!" 

M's response? "I must have used too much hot water ... " It seems that she thinks we shrunk her in the wash.


Earlier today the girls were using M's haunted house (a fourth grade project) to play with their Littlest Pet Shops. L came up with a story line, "Pretend these two got poisoned -- this boy and this girl." 

M's response? "That's still copyrighted."

L? "nuh-uh ... " 

M? "Yeah, it's off of the Haunted Mansion. Remember, the boy poisons the girl?"


M: Mom, why aren't you dating?

Me: You have to meet people to date ...

M: (shaking her head and heaving a great sigh) Okay, I'm just going to say it. I really want a step dad. Okay? I just do.

Me: Oh, you want a step dad ...

M: Why don't you just do that online thing? PLEASE do the online dating thing, PLEASE?!?


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