Monday, June 4, 2012

More Funnies for the Journal ...

L's taken to praying every night that I'll meet somebody nice to date and marry ... (Lest you think that this obsession dominates my daughters' thought processes, she has also taken to praying that I'll be able to find a good teaching job when I am ready.)

The first night? "Please bless Mom that she'll meet somebody nice who will be good to us to marry and date." 

The second night? "Please bless Mom that she'll meet somebody nice and good to date and marry." (At least the order of events has been corrected.)

The third night? "Please bless Mom with somebody nice and kind to date and marry."

The fourth night? "Ugh ... Oh yeah, and please bless Mom that she'll meet somebody to date and marry. Oh, and please bless that he'll be nice and kind."

Apparently, she was hoping for much quicker results. ;)


At the tail end of May, our home teachers -- two kind men from our church who stop in for a visit occasionally to make sure that we are well and happy, etc. -- stopped in for a visit. That's about where the normalcy ended ... 

One of my home teachers (in age somewhere between my parents and my grandparents) asked if I am dating anyone. I laughed. (You have to understand, apparently there is something in the water, because a great many people trying to subtly bring up this topic lately.) M looked at them in all seriousness and said, "She gave that up." L followed that up immediately with, "But we keep praying that she'll meet somebody nice." M finished it off with, "She gave that up a while ago. What was it, like five months ago or something, Mom?" Yeah, it was that kind of day.

After looking slightly dazed at the girls' verbal onslaught, the same man that opened the can of worms said, "No, I have a reason for asking! There's this nice young man that we know. I still have to check with the boss and see if she thinks it would be a good idea for you to meet him ... but he's just a really nice young man." ("The Boss" would be the wife ... ) It seems that they met this fellow in the course of one of their service opportunities.

My other home teacher apparently had the same concern that was hovering in my own mind. He turned to his friend and said in a firm and purposeful tone (think of your grandpa saying "Now hold on just a minute!") "Just how old is this man?" After he found out that the fellow is just a few years older than me, he relaxed a bit and said, "Yup, you just go ahead and clear it with the boss lady ... "


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