Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pancake Make-Ahead Mix Follow-up

The girls were dying for pancakes on their first morning back to school. Since I'd made pancake mix recently, it was an easy request to fill. (See this post.) The pancakes didn't turn out half bad considering. (I wish I'd taken pictures, but well ... ) I did use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, and I added in a little vanilla -- 'cause that's what I do ...

Things I liked:
* Super easy
*Quick to throw together
*Loved the whole wheat flour in it
*Had a great flavor -- especially with the vanilla
*Made a lot of pancakes

Things I'd change:
*Add less liquid -- my batter turned out really runny -- REALLY runny -- which isn't a problem if your skillet is hot enough. It just makes for thin pancakes. I like them a little sturdier. I did use skim milk, but we'll have to play around with it. The plus side of the thin pancakes? They'd fit great in a toaster if you froze them to reheat later. (Even if you'll never have a perfect circle ... )

Random notes:
*If you add wheat flour in, like I did, your pancakes will be a bit darker. My daughter thought they looked burnt at first because they were so brown, but it was just how the wheat affected the color as they cooked.

Would I use this mix again (even if I didn't have a whole jar of it? ;) Ha, ha ... ) I would. It's got a good flavor and was easy to use. I figure that we'll tweak things to try and get the consistency that we prefer at our house, but other than that, it was nice to have around!

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