Monday, January 21, 2013

Surprise Muffins

I love cookbooks. I love old books. I adore old cookbooks. It's an obsession really ... really. Several years ago, my mom found this one for me at a local thrift store.

Nope, this one isn't actually old. It's a 1998 reprint, but the recipes, etc. are the same as the original. It still has a fun vintage feel. This morning, when I was looking for a different muffin recipe than the ones we've already tried, Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book was where I turned.

My L(8) helped me mix up the batter. Then I sent her out of the kitchen, so I could surprise her and her sister by adding a dollop of homemade strawberry freezer jam in the middle of each muffin. (We made "Surprise Muffins." It certainly can't be a surprise if the kids are expecting it! :) I know ... I'm ridiculously literal sometimes.)

(I may have grossly underestimated how much batter to place under the jam or how many muffin tins the batter would actually fill. Apparently, 1950's medium muffins were smaller than my regular muffin tin. Got to remember that next time ... )

Twenty minutes later ...

And they were done. The jam bled onto the pan a bit, but the muffins sure turned out pretty. They were light and fluffy. We used the popular version of the muffins which is less sweet. (A quarter cup of sugar for the recipe rather than a half cup.) The jam sweetened it up some. It was kind of nice to eat muffins that were not so sugary. If you left out the jam, these would be perfect to eat with soup or beans. Definitely a recipe we'll be adding to our family recipe box!

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