Monday, July 22, 2013

Roasted Laffy Taffy (and More)

Every good campfire could use a few good accessories. Meet a couple of my favorites ... Before this camping trip, I knew you could roast marshmallows. I figured that if you could do that, then Laffy Taffies were a sure bet.

They're certainly easier to keep on the toasting forks.

Just like marshmallows, candy likes coals ...

The kids were pretty excited about the Starbursts too.

And that's how you tell they're done. Yum! The outside gets almost crunchy, and the inside is soft and melty. So good!

Of course, marshmallows are grand too. Vanilla flavored star marshmallows, fruit flavored mid-size marshmallows, and big, square s'more-sized marshmallows ... We're equal opportunity marshmallow roasters.

Note to self:
The smallish marshmallows are my new favorite. You get a perfect proportion of golden brown crispy, toasty outside to inner gooey guts. Delish!

Of course, no camp out is complete without a S'more or two ... This one has a hidden surprise --

a couple of roasted Laffy Taffies.

Next time, we'll make the roasted pears we planned on. (Before I forgot to bring the cinnamon sugar ... 'Cause I'm good like that. Mind like a sieve. It's a problem ... ) But, for a first camping trip, it turned out to be a delicious experience in nearly every way!

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